Elegant & Romantic Restaurants in Jackson, Tennessee

Jackson, Tennessee, city about halfway between Nashville and Memphis, is home to thousands of people. Finding the perfect place to take a new date or to take your significant other for a celebration can be difficult. Luckily, there are several restaurants in Jackson that are both elegant and romantic. From quiet Italian restaurants to elegant piano bars, there is some place to take that special someone in Jackson to guarantee a good time.

Flatiron Grille

The Flatiron Grille is located off Vann Drive in Jackson and is an elegant restaurant fit for couples and small groups. The chefs at the Flatiron Grille offer a diverse menu that features steaks, pastas, salads and seafood. A wine and cocktail list is also available to celebrate any occasion. An on-site lounge provides a quiet place to sit and talk after the meal.


Baudo's is an authentic Italian restaurant in Jackson that strives to provide an high-quality and romantic dining experience for couples and small groups. Since the 1970s, Baudo's has been serving dishes from Italy, including pastas with special sauces, veal and salad, to couples looking for a special night. A wine list including wines from Italy will help you add a special something to the meal, along with homemade dessert for two.

Miss Ollie's

Classy is one word that can be used to describe Miss Ollie's. This establishment is a place where you can take a date for the entire night. From a meal, to drinks, to entertainment, this place has it all. The piano bar is the main draw of Miss Ollie's, but the food is also worthy of a special date. Miss Ollie's features a full menu of tapas that can be shared with another person.

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