How to End a Breakup

Communication is important in rebuilding relationships.Communication is important in rebuilding relationships.

Issues in a relationship may be immediately apparent, but sometimes they surface only when a couple is facing a breakup. These problems may occur suddenly, or might be the result of pent-up issues. Fortunately, differences in a relationship are sometimes reconcilable. Reviving the relationship will take time and commitment from each partner, but ultimately your efforts may lead to a successful turnaround. It is important to maintain complete honesty in order to rebuild the trust with your partner. Even the smallest amount of dishonesty can sabotage the rebuilding process.

Learn to communicate effectively with your partner to convey your feelings and emotions surrounding the relationship. Use effective communication to identify the issues in your relationship. Do not be afraid to open up to your partner and show him your true feelings about what is happening and encourage your partner to do the same. Focus on the most serious issues between you, and avoid wasting valuable time on less crucial topics.

Use this valuable information to begin the rebuilding process. If your partner expresses aspects about your characteristics or personality that he finds objectionable, consider his words. Focus on yourself to determine why these traits bother him and whether or not a change would benefit the relationship.

Focus on eliminating negative aspects of the relationship and retaining the positive.

Avoid allowing the relationship to backslide to the point where it was when you started rebuilding it. While focusing on changing aspects of your relationship, attempt to add new dimensions to it. Try new activities together to break old routines. Whether you go on a day trip or try a new activity together, show your partner you are committed to making the relationship work by becoming active in it.

Slow the relationship down if you and your partner feel you are moving too fast. Many couples find themselves jumping into relationships quickly due to emotions or situations. Look at your relationship with your partner as if it is brand new. Remember the reasons your began dating and enjoy the same aspects of the relationship that you did previously.

Attend a professional counseling session if you and your partner cannot work things out on your own. A relationship counselor will help you determine your differences and will aid you throughout the process. Attend as many counseling sessions as you can, as these visits can be important elements in rebuilding your relationship.

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