How to End a Date Gracefully

How you end a date is almost as important as how the date itself went. If you really like someone and want to date again, there's no harm in giving a goodnight kiss, but if your demeanor changes dramatically at the end of a date, it may change your date's entire image of you. Your best bet is often to just end the date gracefully and be respectful. If it's a bad date, the date can still be ended gracefully too.

Plan on having the date be short by saying you have to be somewhere at a specific time. This has two advantages: one, if you decide you're not having a good time you can simply use your "excuse" to leave and two, if the date truly is going well, you can always call and "cancel" your appointment!

Excuse yourself and go to the bathroom. Once there, call your friends or a family member and ask them to call you in 10 minutes and to just play along with whatever you say on the phone. Then return to the table and await the call. Once the call comes in, feign an emergency at home or at work that requires the date to end. This is abrupt to be sure, and should really only be used for the worst of dates.

End the date with a handshake. This is probably the best use of body language to indicate that you wish the other person well, but there is no real chance for a second date.

Thank your date for a lovely evening and wish them well, but don't give them a hug or kiss. Most importantly, don't tell them you'll call as this sends the wrong message.

End a good date with a kiss on the cheek and maybe a hug, but leave it at that. This shows the person that you are interested, but it also shows you still deserve respect.

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Things You Will Need

  • Flowers or small gift (optional, and conditional)


  • Always plan ahead for every date, especially blind dates. Talk to your friends or family about plans you'd like to make should you want to end the date early, this way they'll be there if you need them.


  • Never, ever proposition your date to come inside on the first date unless you are invited. Doing so can make you appear incredibly crude and will ruin any chance of ending the date gracefully if you're rejected.

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