How to End a Long Distance Relationship

A long distance relationship can be very difficult to maintain. Eventually, the time may come when you feel the need to break it off. This will undoubtedly be a difficult time for both you and the other person in the relationship. It's important that that you handle this situation the right way.

Think about everything that you want to say before actually contacting the person. Once you decide that it's time to end the long distance relationship, it's important that you reflect on everything you want to tell your significant other. Write notes down if it will help you remember all that you want to say. While you don't want to read a script when ending the long distance relationship, notes can help you say everything you're thinking without leaving anything out.

Call the person to end the long distance relationship. Many people may find it easier to end a long distance relationship via email, instant message or even snail mail. This is nothing but cowardly. There is no questioning that the phone call is going to be difficult. It's still important that you have a real conversation with the person you've been in a long distance relationship with as this will give the both of you better closure.

Make sure that both of you have plenty of time to talk before beginning the conversation. Having this talk before one of you is about to go to work, study for an exam or simply step out for awhile is not a good idea. If the person tells you that he or she cannot really talk at the moment, explain that the two of you need to have a talk sometime soon.

Begin by explaining how you came to the decision that it was time to end the long distance relationship. Talk about how things have been in the relationship lately and why there have been problems. Be brutally honest if necessary. It's important that you bring up the bad parts of the relationship as these are the reasons for ending the long distance relationship.

Listen to everything the other person has to say. After you've said your part, the person on the other end of the line will want to respond. It's only fair that you allow him or her to talk without interruptions. After all, chances are that you don't hate the person with whom you've been in a long distance relationship. This back and forth conversation could be a way that the two of you keep a friendship.

Stand your ground when it comes to ending the long distance relationship. Many times, people cave when having this conversation, due to the other person pleading for the life of the relationship. This can be very awkward and difficult for you but it's important that you remember why you made this call in the first place. Be firm and even repeat yourself to get your points across if necessary.

Take some time from talking to one another after you've ended the long distance relationship. After you've ended the long distance relationship, it's important that the two of you don't continue talking everyday, at least not for awhile. Give each other some space to find life outside of the relationship now that it's over. It may be weird and even difficult at first but it will be beneficial for both of you in the end.

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