Etiquette of Dating

Keeping up with current dating etiquetteKeeping up with current dating etiquette

The rules of dating are constantly changing, and it is best to keep up to date with current etiquette. Knowing how to act around your date will save you from embarrassment and may even lead to future outings. While many practices are best for first-date use, many precautions are valid for subsequent dates. This will ensure a better dating experience for both of you.


Keep dating fun by planning dates both of you can enjoy. Allow your partner to provide tips and ideas and actively work on the planning process together. This will eliminate uncomfortable situations and allow the best chance for the date to be a success. Most importantly, be on time at the location that you two decide.

Getting Ready

Groom yourself and dress appropriately before heading out to your date. Your date will instantly know whether you took the time to get ready as soon as he sees you. Impress him by wearing date-appropriate clothes, depending on the location the two of you decided on. If the date will involve both indoor and outdoor activities, bring appropriate attire to change into when required.

Before the Date

Talk to your partner about your dating preferences. Tell her that you prefer to do things such as opening doors, paying for dates or helping her into her seat. Find out her views and ideas on the subject, along with whether she agrees. Many women enjoy being independent and helping out throughout the date themselves. Do not force chivalry on her without knowing whether she appreciates or expects it. Before leaving, ask if she would you to drive or if she would rather meet at the location separately.

The Date

When out on the date, be fun while having proper manners. Never try to impress a woman by being flashy with money or experiences. Do not be rude or arrogant towards the staff or your date. Try to avoid topics that you are very opinionated about as this may cause a heated debate. Listen to your date by actively and provide responses when needed. Compliment him on his outfit, cologne or dish preferences. Avoid telling even the slightest white lies, as those tend to build up and blow up in your face.

After the Date

If the date does not go as intended, let her know your thoughts on it. At the end of the date, let her know whether you would like to see her again. If he is not the type of person you want to see yourself with, let him know. Tell him why you think the date did not turn out well or just simply say you are not interested. Instead of not avoiding his calls and second dates, letting him know right away will save time and heartbreak.

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