How to Express Romantic Feelings

Expressing romantic feelings creates intimacy in a relationship.Expressing romantic feelings creates intimacy in a relationship.

When romance is in the air, it is important to express your feelings to the person that you care about. Whether you have been in a relationship for many years or are speaking about your feelings for the first time, be open and honest with your emotions to create intimacy in your relationship. Feelings need to be expressed appropriately to create this closeness, as too much too fast can scare some people away.

Step 1

Admit your feelings before expressing them to someone else. Do some soul-searching about the way you truly feel about the other person. Think about the way that you feel when you are around him and whether he makes you happy.

Step 2

Call the individual you are having romantic feelings for and set up a time to get together. Romantic feelings are best expressed in person, especially for the first time. After your relationship has developed, it is fine to express your feelings anytime.

Step 3

Tell the person how you feel. Speak openly and honestly. Give her a chance to respond. It is best to express romantic feelings without expectations of receiving the same feelings back from her, as that situation could lead to disappointment.

Step 4

Show the person how you feel by expressing romantic feelings with body language. Be affectionate and give him a hug or a kiss. Lean your body forward when he is talking. Mirror his body language to subconsciously show him that you have romantic feelings towards him. Make and maintain eye contact when he is talking.

Step 5

Give the person a gift. Sometimes a gift can show romantic feelings without speaking the words. It does not have to be an expensive gift. A homemade card or a poem can be just as meaningful as an expensive store-bought present.

Step 6

Show respect in your actions. Call when you say you will, respond to text messages and emails and plan dates with the person. Romantic feelings can be expressed with consistent behavior, as well as with words.

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