How to Face Read

Facial characteristics may give you clues about an individual's personality and feelings. Cheeks, lips, eyes and face shape all have meaning. Face reading can help you better understand your family, friends, children and partner.

How to Face Read

Read your own face. Look at your face in the mirror under good lighting. Notice the shape of your face, lips, cheeks and eyes.

Determine if a person is more yin (passive) or yang (aggressive). Choose three features that stand out to help make this assessment. A person with a yin face may have large, wide-set eyes, a prominent nose with a soft tip, full lips or a long and narrow face shape. A person with a yang face would have features the opposite of these.

Watch another person's eye movements. If the eyes move quickly, darting back and forth, the person may be nervous or anxious.

Notice how a person's lips are held. If the lips are open, it may mean the person is tired or run down. If the lips are pursed, it may mean the person is irritated or angry. If someone is constantly licking or biting his lips, it may mean he is nervous or worried.

Purchase a book about face reading. These steps just cover the basics. Every feature means something different, so it's helpful to have a guide to tell you what different types of eye and lip shapes mean. These characteristics can give you clues to an individual's personality.

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  • Think of face reading as a way to better understand someone's behavior.


  • Misinterpretations can be made with face reading, so don't take it too seriously.
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