Female Dating Games

Females sometimes play games to see how much a guy likes them.Females sometimes play games to see how much a guy likes them.

Dating games are often a part of every mature relationship.Sometimes these games extend on into a marriage if the deeper underlying issues of jealousy and insecurity are not completely addressed. Some dating games are a way of getting information on a partner. Many women play dating games early on in their relationship. Males may take these games as a bad sign, but, in truth, females do this as a way of protecting themselves from getting hurt. However, according to Giuliana DePandi in her new book, "Think Like A Guy," acting mysterious and evasive is the way to win a guy's heart.

The Teaser

When a woman teases a man the scenario usually goes something like this. The couple are spending a ton of time talking to each other, flirting with each other, and letting each other know that the two of them are mutually interested. Then, just when they guy is sure he is confident enough to make a move, the girl pulls back. She either does this because she wants to see if everything he told her was really true. Most times a man will grow cold and then the woman warms back up to him; he will let her know that he is not into women's games.

Am I Pretty?

All women want to know that their mate truly finds them attractive even when they feel like the grossest, bloated person there ever was. The classic line in this game is, "Honey, do I look fat?" or a passing comment like, "My skin feels horrible today." The only answer that a girl is looking for when she asks these types of questions is some type of reassurance that she is important to her guy, despite how she may look or feel.

Not Answering

In this classic women's dating game, a girl finds someone that she is attracted to. She spends the evening acting as if he has done everything right so far, and she is really into him. She gives him her phone number. As soon as he does call, she ignores the call and doesn't call him back. This gives him the impression that she is no longer into him. Sometimes this will make a guy want the girl even more, other times it will backfire and he will give up.

Hard To Get

Girls who play hard to get usually act as if they are not interested in the guy they really want to date. Girls do this to create a challenge for the man. Sometimes the main motivation of a girl is to see which guy will try the hardest to win her affections.

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