How to Figure out Romantic Feelings

Figure out Romantic FeelingsFigure out Romantic Feelings

Romantic feelings occur during the early stage of a relationship, and that is after physical and emotional attraction. Detecting the signs of romantic emotions is quite obvious but often times misleading. It takes keen observation to realize the existence of romantic feelings and here are some useful ways to figure out how.

Does He Like You?

Does he display care and concern through touch? Touching is an act that is capable of arousing emotions of tenderness and compassion. So when your man is into holding your hands, caressing your hair, or constantly placing his arms around you (as in doing an embrace), these are obvious signs that he is romantically involved with you.

See if he shows deep emotion through his eyes. Eye contact is purely an effortless act that connects two people together. When your guy looks you directly in the eyes while you talk, it means that he is really interested in you, and is willing to know more about your inside thoughts and emotions.

He's willing to share the same plans and lifestyle preferences. When your guy is always eager to partake on events you are interested in, it means that he values things that make you happy.

Does he make an effort? It's telling if he always wants to see you smile and expresses his feelings for you in so many ways--from sending flowers or love letters to composing songs or poems.

If he finds you beautiful, even when you’re in your most rugged look, he feels romantically towards you. He will always say the nicest things about you to make you feel good about yourself. He never finishes up a single day without telling you how amazing you are and how lucky he is to have known you.

Your man exhibits no hesitations in telling you his darkest or deepest secrets. This action means that your guy has this strong trust in you and that the sense of security is building up along with his feelings for you.

He demonstrates actions of understanding and being sensitive to what you feel (may it be positive or negative). When your guy is always aware of your emotions, it is an excellent indicator that his heart is connected to yours. This is especially shown in events when you feel sad about something. Instead of telling you to stop crying or whining, he tells you that he is sad too and hopes that he can do something to make your sadness go away.

He checks on you from time to time and tells you how much he misses you. When your guy calls you almost all the time, this is a serious and clear sign that his mind is set on you, and that hearing your voice is becoming a part of his daily dose of strength and happiness.

Somehow, he remembers your birthday and favorite food or other things. This is totally a good indication that you are someone special, especially that it is not so common for guys to remember most of these things. When your guy is always in tune with even the slightest details of your being, it shows you how much you mean to him.

Does he talk a lot about you to his friends and family? He is so proud of having you and wants the world to know that he is really serious about how he feels.

The real sign is if he'll go shopping with you even it takes you two hours to pick a pair of shoes. He doesn’t mind waiting for hours; as long as you’re having a good time shopping, it’s all good.

Does She?

Will she display her deep feelings by listening intently and making eye contact during conversations? This is an obvious sign that her attention is solely centered on you and nobody else.

She shows her affection through touch and kisses. This may be shown in different ways such as when she caresses your hand or face as you talk, hugs or embrace you all the time, allows your arm to wind at her shoulders while her head rests on your chest, and when she kisses you, especially in public.

She's eager to accept your choice of lifestyle and goes along with things that you are interested in. If she is not into football but you convinced her to go with you anyway, it's enough proof that she is so willing to spend her time with you.

Does she call you every now and then even in the late hours of the night. She can’t help but to call you simply because she misses you. It's an indication that she is constantly thinking about you, and that hearing your voice, is enough to make her day.

Know that when she invites you to an office party or any family gathering, she is proud of you and shows it by introducing you to all the people that are close to her.

When she talks a lot about you to her friends and family, she can’t help but to talk about you all the time. Her topic is always linked to you and she mentions nothing but good things about you.

Does she write you poems about love and sends you love letters or emails even in an ordinary day? She takes time in composing things that are centered on you to let you know how much she feels for you.

Another good sign is if she exhibits no feelings of anger or disgust if you take her to a cheap dinner date. She will always find your ways cute even at desperate times and being with you is all that matters to her.

She shows empathy to your emotions, especially when you’re feeling sad. It tortures her whenever you suffer and she is making sure that she provides all the comfort you need to make your pain go away.

Perhaps she tells you everything, even her deepest secrets. She does not hesitate to tell you even the gravest things about her. It is because she trusts you and she feels secure being with you.

You can tell when she appreciates your whole being. She is satisfied with you and totally accepts you for the way you are. She does not force you to do things against your will to fulfill for her own satisfaction.

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  • If you’re a guy who wants to initiate a conversation about your feelings, do it in the most comfortable way possible. Don’t be too serious about it for it might scare her away. Try to give her a hint of what the topic would be and that she will be prepared for it. Be honest and sincere as you express your feelings and do not be afraid to ask her if she feels the same way. Whatever her answer is, be ready about it and accept it with an open heart.
  • If you’re a girl who wants to know if whether or not your guy feels the same way about you, do not hesitate to ask him about it. But before doing so, make sure that the signs above are present and clear. Be prepared with the conversation and accept whatever answer he may gave you.

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