How to Figure Out If Someone Truly Loves You

Ohhh love.Ohhh love.

It's an amazing feeling to be in love and feel all those warm emotions of joy and gratitude toward someone. Love is even more wonderful when it's given back to you in return. Although it's usually pretty easy to tell when someone loves you by the words they say, how do you know you're truly loved by that person through their emotions? Here are some way to figure out if someone truly loves you and if that love is a real, solid kind of love.

You can tell someone truly loves you by the way they make contact with you. If your partner kisses you lovingly, touches you in a way that makes you feel nice, hugs you tightly, and/or looks at you like he's amazed by you, chances are...he truly loves you. But much of this happens during the first year of dating so if your partner doesn't do these things anymore it doesn't mean that he doesn't truly love you. It means he is comfortable with you. A person who truly loves you will show you rather than just tell you. He may smile at you across a room, make a plate for you at dinner, or even just put the dishes away so you don't have to. These are also signs of a person who truly loves you. True love comes from showing, not telling. So listen to what your partner is saying through his actions to know if he truly loves you.

Someone who truly loves you is not an extremely jealous person, does not try to hurt your feelings, and will not intentionally embarrass or make fun of you. When a partner truly loves you, he respects your feelings and allows you to have a life beyond him. He is not controlling, rude, hurtful, or spiteful. A loving partner is one who wants you to be happy even if that means putting aside his own happiness. Someone who truly loves you wants what is best for you because you feel it is best for you, not him. He gives you freedom to make your own choices and supports those choices as best he can. You can feel the love from someone who truly loves you because he makes you feel like a better person.

When you are truly loved, you feel happy and content. In a loving relationship, you do not feel put down, depressed, sad, or anxious. Instead, a person who truly loves you makes you feel confident, adored, excited, and comfortable. A partner who loves you encourages you to feel good about who you are and motivates you to want to better yourself. He does not hold you back, make you feel insecure, or harm your self-esteem. True love from a partner is about making you feel better than you've ever felt. Someone who truly loves does not hinder your sense of self, but rather brings out the best in you and helps you to feel great about who you are.

Someone who truly loves you puts your needs before his own. He wants you to be happy before he is and your happiness is enough to make him happy. He wants to do things that you want to do and doesn't complain about your interests or hobbies. And, even if he isn't into the things you enjoy doing, a partner who truly loves you will allow you to go off and do the things you enjoy without a guilt trip. You are the most important person to someone who truly loves you (unless of course you have kids, in which case, they should be the most important). They treat you as though they enjoy being around you and want you to feel good. This is how they put your needs ahead of their own. True love can be seen by how important you feel and know you are to the person you are with.

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  • True love is patient, kind, honest, true, respectful, and loyal.
  • Someone who really loves you would never physically or mentally hurt you.
  • A partner who truly loves you cares about your family and friends...even if he doesn't always like them...he is respectful.
  • Someone who truly loves you makes you know your loved no matter what.

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