How to Find a Boyfriend

how to find a boyfriendhow to find a boyfriend

If you're wondering how to find a boyfriend, the process is fairly's getting the guts to meet guys--the right kinds of guys--that can be the hard part! It's also about breaking out of your same old routine. Still interested? Read on.

If you want to find a boyfriend, you've got to look in the right places. Generally speaking, going to clubs where people are drunk and looking to hook up isn't going to find you a boyfriend. A one night stand, yes. Boyfriend, most likely not.

Think about what you want in a boyfriend and go from there. Do you want a boyfriend who has a sense of humor? Try taking a comedian workshop. A boyfriend who is brainy? Learn to play chess and join a club. A boyfriend who is politically active? Join the cause and get involved!

Finding a boyfriend becomes much easier when you seriously broaden the spectrum of people that you associate with. When you do this, you don't have to resort to dating your best friend's ex--we all know the problems that can cause! To meet more people, you have to get out more. Try going to events alone, it makes you much more approachable.

Okay, so you've got to be approachable to find a boyfriend. Are you approachable when surrounded by four giggling friends? No way. This is why you should hang out by yourself sometimes. It doesn't make you look like a loser, it makes you look confident.

Confidence is probably the number one thing you need to find a boyfriend. A girl who can hold her head high is very attractive. Speaking of attractiveness, though, it IS important.

If you want an attractive boyfriend, you've got a much better chance if you're attractive too. That doesn't mean wearing a size zero or something ridiculous like that. It means making the most of your looks by getting a cute haircut, wearing clean clothes that are in style and generally showing that you care about yourself. Being a healthy weight and working out add to both attractiveness and confidence.

If you want to find a boyfriend, don't jump in bed with guys you date on the first date. Chances are, he's not going to see you as girlfriend material if you do that, because he'll be wondering how many other guys you've been so quick to pounce on. Take it slow. If nothing happens, and it fizzles, that's okay. It was going nowhere anyway.

A boyfriend will meet your criteria, and you will meet his. This is where dating sites can be helpful, as they can help you weed out people who are too young, too old, too dumpy, etc. Just watch out for those five year old photos!

Finally, don't make finding a boyfriend the focal point of your entire life. Giving off desperation vibes is NOT attractive! Go about your full life full of activities, keep yourself looking good, and it will happen. Trust me.

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  • If you want a boyfriend, never talk about past boyfriends to a potential new one!


  • Watch out for danger signs. If a guy is checking out other girls on your first date, run for it, no matter how hot he is!

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