How to Find the Best Internet Dating

When it comes to Internet dating websites, it seems the options are endless and it can be difficult to tell whether a site is good until you've been on it for some time. Finding good dating sites is tough, but there are some tactics that will help you wade through the bad to get to the good.

Ask your friends and colleagues. It might surprise you how many people have used or are using Internet dating sites and just don't talk about it. The best advice can come from people who have already trekked the path you're headed down.

Check a website's page rank. Page rank is like a grade from Google. It won't tell if you will like the site, but it will tell you how much traffic it gets and thus how popular it is. You can check page rank with the Google toolbar or on a page rank website.

Use social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook to meet singles, especially if you have a really full profile. It is easier for someone to see who you are and learn about you from your MySpace profile than it is from a blurb on a dating site. Dating and singles groups on social networking sites are incredibly popular.

Consider buying a subscription. Websites that charge a fee usually weed out spammers and people who are more bored than looking to date. Try before you buy though.

Investigate dating sites' consumer ratings. Websites like ePinions and Consumer Search offer user ratings, article reviews, and professional perspectives on numerous dating websites.

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  • Make sure you're getting the full benefit of a dating site by putting up more than one, flattering photo of yourself and filling out your profile completely.

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