How to Find a Boyfriend at College

Heading to college is an exciting phase of your life filled with new responsibilities and independence. Your new campus is also the perfect place to meet a boyfriend. Consider these ideas to ensure your search is successful.

Attend freshman orientation events on campus the summer before school starts. You'll meet and interact with other incoming students and might click with someone that you can reconnect with in the fall.

Live on campus in a dormitory or apartment complex. You'll easily meet and get to know the boys in your building. Participate in activities such as dorm dances and meetings. Lounge in the living room so you'll be accessible for in-depth conversations when guys return from class.

Join a sorority where you'll have the opportunity to participate in charitable activities, athletic events and mixers where you'll meet boys from school fraternities. Your sorority sisters may also fix you up with friends, relatives or their boyfriends' friends.

Keep your eye open while attending lectures and labs. Make small talk before your professor arrives or on the way out of class. You may discover a boyfriend who you'll not only be able to have fun with, but also study with for those tough college midterms and finals.

Find potential boyfriends who share your interests by signing up for a campus club. For example, participate in co-ed sports or sign up for poetry readings if you love to write. If you're studious, hang out at the library to find other cerebral types.

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