How to Find a Boyfriend in New York City

In a city of 9 million, you figure there has to be someone out there for you. But in a city so large, sometimes finding someone right is like finding a needle in a haystack. Don't fear, though! With the right attitude, some earnest effort and a little self confidence, finding a person to enjoy all the wonderful sites of New York City is a snap.

How to Find a Boyfriend in New York City

Find out who you are! Determine your true interests and hobbies. In New York, careers can take up so much of your time. If you are looking to find a boyfriend, take time for yourself to find somebody to date. If art is your passion, join an art appreciation group. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has functions for people on weeknights. Finding someone who has a similar interest is a great ice breaker. Both parties are more relaxed and ready to talk about their hobby or passion.

Take a picnic with girlfriends to Central Park on a weekend. If you are a little shy and don't want to try finding a boyfriend alone, pack some yummy treats in a picnic basket along with a Frisbee. Find a plot on the grass near some cute boys. Invite them in a Frisbee game, and work up to asking them if they want some food.

Go for a walk by yourself during the day. You never know who you may encounter along your path, quite literally!

Visit Chelsea Piers Sports Complex for one of their sports leagues. Join a co-ed volleyball team or any other co-ed sport of your choice. Week after week, you will get to know some of the men on the league. This is a no-pressure way of meeting men to date in New York while getting in shape and having a blast.

Join a speed dating club. You can pay to join a speed dating club that will introduce you to dozens of men in one night. The only thing is, you all know why you are there so it may be a little intimidating, so invite a girlfriend to do it with you. At the end of the night, you may have a few men who are interested in meeting with you a second time.

Go back to school. This one should be done for you, not because you want a man. However, a class is a fantastic way to meet someone who is as interested as you are in moving up in the world.

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  • Remember that self-confidence is one of the traits that men are attracted to the most!


  • Never ask the same guy out twice. Begging is not only's sad. It diminishes your feelings of self-worth. If a guy is not into you, move on!

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