How to Find a Girlfriend at College

Although your college campus is crowded with girls, it may seem difficult to meet them between all of your classes and extracurricular activities. Consider these places and tactics if you want to find a girlfriend that's worthy of your valuable free time.

Participate in extracurricular activities. Since there are so many girls on campus, this will help you narrow the search to those who have similar interests. Sign up for intramural sports, volunteer to give campus tours or take up a new hobby like chess or photography, for example.

Get a part-time job on campus where you'll interact with other students everyday. Try the college bookstore, the library or one of the food establishments or shops in the student center.

Live in a co-ed dormitory. You'll get to know your suite mates very well since you'll be sharing a living room, bathroom and kitchen. Participate in activities like dorm dances and elections to spend more time with potential girlfriends.

Rush a fraternity where you'll be able to interact with sororities through dances, charitable activities or spirit week events. Ask your fraternity brothers to keep an eye out for girls who seem compatible with you.

Hang out at the students' favorite off-campus restaurants, coffee shops and clubs on the weekend. If you go home to do your laundry every Saturday, you'll cut down your chances of meeting potential girlfriends.

Go to lectures and classes alone rather than sitting with a big group of friends. You'll be more approachable and have the chance to chat with female classmates one on one. If you miss a class, take the opportunity to ask a girl you like if you can borrow her notes and repay her by taking her out for coffee.

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