How to Find a Good Man

When you are looking for a good man, sometimes they seem scarce. However, if you are strategic in your methods of selecting a man to date, you will ensure better luck in finding a man you will want to keep in your life. The most important thing is to be selective in who you will date. There are often major warning signs that a man will not segue well into your life. Do not ignore the warning signs! To find a good man, know what you want. Don't settle for less than someone who is kind, caring and responsible.

Inform everyone you know that you are available and looking for a good man. An excellent way to meet a great guy is through friends. This man will be "prescreened." Your friends will only introduce you to men they think will be a good fit for you, so this greatly helps the selection process to find a good man.

Let your co-workers and relatives know about your quest for a good man. Many people end up marrying someone they met through work. Often they will meet someone in the same field through work activities and thus they will have much in common. Be open to new experiences, and if someone wants you to meet someone she knows, try it. Meet for coffee, and give an hour of your time to possibly meeting someone who will be important in your life.

Get out and about in your local community. If you are involved in outdoor activities, you will increase the odds of meeting someone else who is also active and involved. In a local area, if you meet someone new, the odds are someone you know will know him and be able to tell you if he would be a good man to date.

Attend church if you are religious. Church is a great place to get involved and meet other people naturally. If someone attends church services, most likely he is a person who will treat you well. Church involvement is a sign of a good man who is a responsible person with strong values. Do volunteer work with church groups, join the church choir or take trips with church groups. Get involved and get to know the members of your church; this may lead to a romance and help you find a good man.

Do charity work in your local community. Working together in activities is a great way to meet people for dating and friendships. You could volunteer at a soup kitchen, a food bank, a hospital, a school or a hospice. Donate blood at blood drives; participate in sporting events to raise funds for charities. Get involved and give your time to good causes. You may get more than just a thank you as a reward; you may meet a great person to date.

Volunteer on a political campaign. If you meet someone here, at least you know you share the same political views. Political campaigns involve a lot of work and a lot of bonding among the volunteers. Get involved and make a difference in the world and also possibly meet a great guy to date.

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  • Have patience. We must all make mistakes and endure problems on the road to true love!
  • Friends can help you analyze what you need in a man and help you decide if you have found the good man you will spend the rest of your life with.
  • Devote a part of your time every week to activities that will help you find a good man.


  • Always date in a public place until you are sure you have met a good man. Do not meet a stranger in a private place.

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