How to Find Interesting Dating Activities

Spice up your dating activities and think outside the box when planning your next date. Dinner and a movie is so old-fashioned, and clubbing can get old. Try something new, exciting and romantic. It can add zest to a current relationship or start a new one with a zing.

Romantic Dates

See an outdoor concert and have a candlelight picnic with wine, fruit and, of course, chocolate.

Watch the sunset on the lake or ocean. Plan this as a surprise, and arrive just as the sun is setting.

Cuddle together while taking a horse-drawn carriage ride.

Drive through the country, and look at the autumn leaves. Stop at a quaint café or out-of-the-way shop and experience local country fare.

Exciting Dates

Go skydiving or parasailing. The adrenaline rush will leave your date wanting more.

Take a nighttime helicopter ride over the city.

Become crew members on a sailboat during a race. It isn't difficult to learn the ropes, and the race can be very exhilarating.

Go glow bowling and eat junk food. This gives you an opportunity to relax and play.

Visit a water theme park, get soaked and act like children.

Hike in the mountains, and have a picnic lunch. Collect leaves, pine cones and other natural mementos.

Go horseback riding.

Casual Dates

Pick fruit at a local orchard. Then go home and make a dessert with your haul.

Tour a brewery, and try samples of different types of beer.

Cheer on your favorite sports team at a ballgame or hockey game. Wear matching jerseys.

Bicycle through town, and stop along the way to take in the sights.

Participate in a walking tour of the historical district of a nearby community.

Laugh together at a comedy club. Laughter will relax you and boost your immune system.

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  • Dating activities don't have to be elaborate or expensive. By putting some thought into your activities, your date will feel special.

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