How to Find Love

I know what you're thinking, how can this How To possibly help me find love? And honest, it may not work right away. It's all about loving yourself and living happily and healthfully, and love will find you. There is someone out there for everyone, it's just a matter of finding that special someone at the right time in YOUR life.

STOP LOOKING! Love always finds people when they aren't looking for it. If you've just ended a bad relationship, you are overloaded at work or you are taking some personal time for yourself or your family, you are a prime candidate to stumble upon love.

Take some "me" time. Find yourself, and find your own happiness. Take some of this alone time to focus on self-discovery and independence. If you are happy with yourself and your life, people will take notice. It's like seeing an enthusiastic, smiling, motivated person and thinking, "I want some of what they're having." Do the things you love to do, buy a gift for yourself, treat yourself to a great dinner, exercise, meditate, and do whatever it is that makes you happy. Not only will you then BE happy, but happiness will find you.

Think about who you are looking for in a partner. What characteristics do you want him to have physically, mentally and emotionally. What type of personality do you think would make a good match for you? What interests would you like them to have? By deciding on what you are looking for in the perfect partner, you will become more aware of yourself and where you may have gone wrong in that past, which will open up new doors for your future.

Get out. Spend time outside of your home so you will have that opportunity to meet people. Go to dinner or for drinks with friends or co-workers. Go shopping, to a coffee shop, a park or even just for a walk. Any and all human interaction yields more opportunity to find that special someone, because they are out there somewhere but they are definitely not in your home.

Be strong and bold. You are now a motivated, happy, self-achieved person, who wouldn't want to spend time with you? If you find someone who meets your expectations in a partner and who you think you might want to spend some time with, take a risk and ask them out on a date. What's the harm in asking? If they say no, you can be proud of yourself for taking that bold step (clearly they are not the person for you), and if they say yes, then you have a date! And hey, it's JUST A DATE, it's not the rest of your life yet.

There are other ways to find love as well; through online dating, speed dating, blind dates and double dates. If you trust your friends enough to let them set you up, let them. If you want to give online dating a shot, go for it. Be patient and take risks, you have nothing to lose except your heart.

Always remember to have a positive attitude and stay true to yourself. There is no one more important than you and nothing more important than your own happiness. If you lead a happy life and a positive, rewarding quality of living, love will find you.

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