How to Find a Military Man

Military men have a reputation for being good relationship material. Throughout history, "men in uniform" have been thought of as handsome, brave, alluring and strong. It takes a strong and independent person to enter into a relationship with a military man. Whether you want to marry a military man or just date one, there are things you can do to increase your odds of meeting "Mr. Right."

Live in a military town. Nothing will increase your odds of finding a military man quite like living in or near a military town. The bonus is that military towns often have an abundance of jobs due to the fact that the military base or post is located there as it increases the economy in the area.

Search online dating sites. You can find military men by searching different dating sites such as Match, Military Singles and eHarmony. Simply search the profiles by the keyword "military," Navy," "Air Force," Marine Corps" or "Army."

Get a job on a military base. You can find jobs on military bases by searching government job websites such as USA Jobs. Of course, your job search should not revolve only around meeting men, but this is a good place to start if you also happen to be searching for a new job.

Create a stable home environment. Many military members crave stability due to the fact that they are constantly on the go. If you create a stable home environment, you could be more appealing to a person who is looking for the right person to come home to.

Maintain your independence. Most military singles look for people who are independent and who can take care of themselves. A fact of life in the military is deployment and travel. Therefore, it is important to most military members that their significant other is independent and able to look out for themselves.

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