How to Find the Best Places to Meet People

Still looking for the date of your dreams? If you're wasting hours on end hanging out at the corner bar or the local gym, you might want to change your strategy.

Choose a place that interests you. This increases your chances of meeting people who are interested in similar things.

Be creative about where you go. Parties and other gatherings are the most obvious places to socialize, but don't leave out other options.

Go collegiate. Campuses are great places to meet people if you still attend school.

Mingle. Parties, dances and movie lines are fun places to meet people who make an effort to go out.

Don't overlook the opportunities of large public gatherings. Grocery stores, Laundromats, bookstores, coffeehouses and restaurants are all casual places to meet new people.

Ask around - friends and relatives are good sources for getting exposed to other people.

Look in the area where you live. Proximity plays a big part in friendships as well as romantic relationships, and meeting new people close by doesn't hurt.

Try your luck with the personal ads.

Look around you. Familiar places like church, temple or mosque are good venues to see who's out there.

Try meeting people online. There are numerous Web sites that feature chat rooms, personal ads and individual photos.

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  • If you meet a potential romantic partner at work, think carefully before proceeding'is it worth the possible complications? Try not to look desperate'people may find this unattractive.

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