How to Find a Romantic Restaurant in Denver

Denver is a beautiful and adventurous city where you are certain to find the perfect place to feed your appetite for romance and great cuisine. If you are looking to have a romantic dinner out in the Mile-High City, then put on your best suit or dress, call up your sweetie and check out the following tips.

Research the restaurant and the city. The Gayot and My Colorado Night Life websites have great listings of romantic restaurants. If you are visiting the area, ask others who have been there for good ideas. The people at Strings are known to put you at ease right away with there friendliness, so this is a nice choice for new-comers.

Decide which restaurant best fits your tastes for the evening. There are a variety of types to choose from, so you can easily find the perfect one for your date. The historical Palace Arms is very posh and the only restaurant in Denver that has a required dress code. Swimclub 32 is hidden, but once you find it, the Zen-like atmosphere and Asian cuisine keep you entranced for the meal.

Be budget conscience. Fine dining often comes at a large expense, but you can find nice places with great atmosphere and food for a little less cost, like Rioja, which offers Mediterranean cuisine in a warm, romantic setting. This way, you have a great night out, but are able to still pay your bills.

Reservations are a must. You can make these via the phone or over the Internet, but having them will help the evening flow better. The landmark Wellshire Inn is adjacent to the original golf course that has also gone public, so, you could book a tee time as well as dinner, for a romantic full-day date. If there is live music where you are going, know what kind and let your date know if they should wear their dancing shoes.

Savor both the dinner and time with your special someone. These times are the ones that last long in our memories. Denver is such an invigorating city, that you are sure to want to return often or continue to go out and explore other places, like the luxurious Restaurant Kevin Taylor with it's contemporary cuisine. Enjoy!

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  • If you are new to the city or this particular part of town, and are driving-scout out the restaurant location beforehand. This will save time and frustration later.
  • Turn your cell phones off and go to a restaurant without a sports program playing-this will keep you on track for the romance of the evening.


  • Whenever you consume alcohol, please be responsible - Do not drink and drive, this will kill the romance of any dinner.

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