How to Find Your Secret Admirer

How to Find Your Secret Admirer. Find your secret admirer by putting on your detective's hat and following clues that can lead you to your secret admirer's identity.

Step 1

If you receive a handwritten note from your secret admirer, analyze the handwriting to see if the penmanship is familiar to you. Compare the handwriting to other notes or signatures from people you know.

Step 2

If you receive flowers or other gifts from your secret admirer, call or visit the shop or supplier of the gift to inquire about the sender. Ask sales clerks to trace the sales transaction and provide you with the sender's name on the basis of the payment method, such as a check or credit card. Inquire about the physical description of the sender if the transaction was a cash sale.

Step 3

If a package mysteriously appears on your doorstep, ask neighbors if they noticed who delivered the package. Inquire about the physical description of the person who delivered the item.

Step 4

If you receive an anonymous message from a secret admirer e-mail service, check the database of the e-mail service to locate a familiar name.

Step 5

Consider individuals who have been flirting with you or paying more attention to you than normal as possible candidates for being your secret admirer.

Step 6

Enlist the help of your friends. Ask if they've noticed anyone displaying special interest in you.

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Things You Will Need

  • Telephone Book
  • Telephones
  • Internet Access
  • Computers

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