First Date Conversation Tips for Women

Keep first dates light and fun.Keep first dates light and fun.

No matter if a woman is going on a blind date or finally dating a friend of many years, first dates can be difficult. Pressure about possibilities in the future along with potentially facing rejection make for a nervous and sometimes awkward situation. Women should remember that their date will probably be just as nervous. On the date, women should enjoy themselves with fun conversation and remember that at the very least a first date can be a fun night and at the most it can be the beginning of a long-term relationship.


First dates can play out like a job interview. This can be both bad and good. It allows for easy conversation starters about jobs, hobbies and family. Women can review their lives and talk about what excites them in daily life. Take the first date as an opportunity to branch away from the job interview format, too. Try not to start out the date talking about work and instead talk about goals and figure out fun similarities to explore more in future dates. If the woman has met the man before, think about what he might be interested in, so as to foster more conversation.

Body Language

Body language can help to signal whether the date is going well or not. The woman should focus on her date's body language as well as on her own. Smiling eye contact and quick touches are good indicators that the date is moving smoothly. Body language helps with flirting as well. Arms crossed and a lack of eye contact indicates one party is closed off and possibly not interested. If the woman is nervous at the beginning of the date, she can take deep breaths between sentences to relax.

Act Natural

Relax during the date. While meeting a new person and taking a risk with a date can be nerve-racking, try not to show it. The first date is a preview of possible future dates and a relationship. Because of this, women should be honest and act as they will in the future so the date gets a picture of what a relationship would be like. There is no use in acting like someone else if the truth will come out at some point.

Stay Light

It is important to stay honest on a date, but refrain from discussing negative experiences with former relationships, problems with family and focusing too much on politics or religion. All of these issues can be discussed later, but for a first date it is too much information and does not highlight the positives. If the first date is like an interview of sorts, the daters should focus on why they would be good for a relationship, not on why previous relationships did not work.

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