How to flirt

Flirting is really the art of making another person feel special. Of course, it's a useful skill for dates and relationships with the opposite sex. However, flirting can also be used in a variety of situations. Whether you're flattering your boss or trying to get let into a nightclub, a little flirting can go a long way. There are no absolute rules when it comes to flirting, but remembering a few simple tips can help you flirt better and with more confidence.

Don't flirt too strongly or it may put your companion off.Don't flirt too strongly or it may put your companion off.

Step 1

Keep eye contact for prolonged periods, though don't stare in a long, unbroken gaze. Also, don't look away too often or peer into the distance; this could suggest that you're bored with your companion's company.

Step 2

Smile and look approachable. Don't cross your arms or frown. This creates a negative, defensive impression and discourages other people from talking to you. Lean into the person, not away from them to suggest a more intimate, friendly feel, according to advice in the "Guardian".

Step 3

Mimic the other person's gestures occasionally. However, don't act like a mirror and mimic everything. Instead, reach for a drink now and again when your companion does. If she laughs, laugh back.

Step 4

Ask questions of the other person and look interested. People generally like someone who asks about their opinions and experiences, not someone who steamrolls a conversation with her own talking, no matter how witty.

Step 5

Speak clearly and with confidence. Don't mumble or talk too fast. Try not to jump in when the other person is speaking.

Step 6

Have fun and relax. The more you enjoy yourself, the more at ease you're likely to make the other person. And the more you relax the more fun you'll tend to have.

Step 7

Don't overdo it. Manic laughter and too much body contact can end up putting a person off, rather than making her warm to you.


  • Practice. Flirting gets easier the more you do it. Take the chance to flirt as often as possible and you'll soon get better.

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