How to Flirt


Flirting can be, many times, a gateway to true romance. Learning how to flirt involves recognizing a mix of communication, humor, non-verbal signals and interpersonal chemistry. But flirting is not rocket science. In fact, if you're not a natural flirt, this eHow can help you can learn the simple social skills that will attract others to you.

Start by working on your self-esteem. The underlying key to all flirtation is confidence, the magical charm that makes others want to get to know you.

Smile, smile, smile.

Think playful thoughts when gearing up to flirt. Flirts are fun and engaging, and they love to play with others.

Compliment a stranger or acquaintance on his or her clothes, eyes, smile or sense of humor for starters.

Keep your body language open and inviting: make eye contact, lightly touch the person's hand or arm when telling a story, toss your head back when you laugh.

Initiate stimulating conversation. At a loss for words? Ask open-ended questions about the flirtee's job, hometown, family, recent movies seen, or thoughts about a painting on the wall.

Open up about yourself, giving someone even more reason to like you. But don't go on and on - the goal is to engage and intrigue, not bore.

Gauge the person's interest carefully. If you sense a flashing red light - or worse, smug ridicule - make your exit graciously, and immediately. You've got nicer people to meet.

Progress in your flirtation, paying attention to cues from the object of your interest. If you perceive a sensual or sexual connection, make a bold move - ask for a date.

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Things You Will Need

  • Cologne
  • Breath Fresheners
  • Perfume
  • Lip Gloss


  • Avoid negative body language such as crossing your arms, scowling, appearing overly stressed, looking downward or walking in a hurry when you don't really need to.
  • Give yourself time to learn what types of conversation starters work for you. Practice flirting whenever you can - at the grocery store or Laundromat, or with your friends.


  • Sexually suggestive remarks or touching are inappropriate among co-workers. Keep any office flirting G-rated at all times.

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