How to Flirt Back With a Guy

Flirting refers to playful, mildly seductive, usually romantic approaches to a man or woman. Flirting with someone shows them clearly that you like him and are interested in him in a deeper sense than simply friendship. If a guy starts to tease you or flirt with you, it's normally expected that you'll flirt back if you like him or like the attention. A failure to flirt back will most likely indicate that you're not interested in him.

Two people flirting in officeTwo people flirting in office
Woman smiles at man

Step 1

Smile as he's speaking and make direct eye contact. This sets a basic foundation for flirting. Your smile indicates that you're glad he's here and direct eye contact indicates that you're engaged with what he's saying. According to "The Flirting Bible" by Fran Greene, smiling makes you look more approachable and attractive.

Woman touches man's arm

Step 2

Move in closer towards him. You don't want to be so close that you make him uncomfortable, but you do want to establish a sense of intimacy between the two of you. Touch his arm if you feel comfortable and are confident you can make it look casual. Greene says that leaning in shows your interest in another person.

Woman laughing

Step 3

Laugh at his jokes, and joke back. Guys usually try to sound funny when they flirt with women, so laughing or giggling at the jokes he makes, even if they're not funny, is a certain way of indicating that you're interested. Joking back shows you want to keep the conversation going and get him laughing. It also shows you're giving this person your undivided attention, states Greene.

Girl teases guy playing guitar

Step 4

Tease him back if he teases you. Guys often gently tease women if they like them. Teasing him back will indicate to him that you're interested. This is called a mirroring action, and it helps move the conversation forward and show your interest, according to Greene. Be careful to keep your teasing light, though. A guy could be sensitive, and you don't want to accidentally hurt his feelings.

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