How to Flirt With a Cop

Flirting with a cop, like flirting with anyone, needs the right mix of fun and flattery to get results. Our men and women in uniform have a serious job to do, but if you do it in the right way, they may just make eyes at you as well.

Pick a good time when your cop is relaxed and if not off duty, at a very quiet time. Never try to flirt when a cop is desperately busy or in a potentially dangerous situation--he has a job to do.

Find a way to start the conversation. If you have been pulled over or questioned, get the business out the way first. If you are approaching her, ask a question about the situation or even something simple like asking for the time.

Be respectful and polite as well as flirtatious. Calling an officer "honey" or "sugar" straight away is less classy and appropriate than "sir" or "ma'am" in a sexy tone. Avoid cussing or being too suggestive.

Flatter your cop by asking light non-probing questions about his job, such as how dangerous it is or how he obviously needs to be in good shape. Be completely engaged in his answers and be impressed at what he has to do.

Keep your tone and body language consistent. Some people often fail to notice signs because there aren't enough of them or the person flirting keeps changing strategy. Leave your cop in no doubt by smiling and using plenty of eye contact.

Ask for a number or a way you can see her again. This may seem forward, but your flirting will be in vain if you don't take the lead. Especially if she is on duty, you must be the confident and assertive one.

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  • Never seem too confident in your abilities, especially if trying to get out of a ticket, as this may lead to an even worse fine.

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