How to Flirt While Dating

Flirting with your date keeps the relationship moving forward.Flirting with your date keeps the relationship moving forward.

Flirting is one of the more basic forms of communication. Typically, it signals when someone is attracted to you and interested in moving your relationship forward. If you've been dating someone for a while and have become comfortable with your routine together, flirting can often take a back seat to more serious conversation. People who are dating need to continue flirting throughout the relationship to remind their partner of the attraction they feel.

Step 1

Make eye contact while the two of you talk. Maintaining eye contact shows your partner that she has your full attention and that you are interested in what she is saying. You can often learn a lot about your partner's feelings by keeping eye contact through most of your conversations.

Step 2

Use body language to show your interest. If you are seated, lean forward and make sure your body is facing your partner. If you are standing, don't stand more than an arm's length away and don't cross your arms as this signals you are closed off from communication. Try to adopt a posture similar to that of your partner.

Step 3

Keep your facial expressions positive. Your partner relies on facial cues to understand your level of interest more than any other form of expression. Using your face to emphasize your meaning heightens interest. Project a smile when your partner turns to meet your glance.

Step 4

Touch your partner lightly when you are together. Light touching of the hair, hands, the small of the back or the arm tells your partner you find him physically attractive and affirms the intimacy of your relationship. Put your arm around his shoulder while you're walking and kiss him with a smile. Wrap your arm around his waist and squeeze him lovingly.

Step 5

Send text messages containing flirty thoughts. In the early stages of your relationship, these flirty texts can be light and fun, but you can start sending suggesting messages when your relationship matures. Texting is a comfortable way for men and women to test the waters and gauge each other's level of interest. Texting lets you flirt while dating and say something naughty without looking your partner in the eye and feeling embarrassed; the effect often increases the amount and frequency of flirting between dating couples.

Step 6

Take your partner's hands while seated across the table and look each other in the eyes while you're both talking. Touch and eye contact send strong signals to your partner that you are attracted and providing your full attention. Rubbing the tops of your partner's hands will likely cause a glance down. If you're smiling and looking in your date in the eye while holding hands, there's a pretty good chance your meaning intent will come across clearly.

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