How to Flirt for dumb dumbs =)

Prang's Flirtatious Valentine Card, 1923Prang's Flirtatious Valentine Card, 1923

Flirting doesn't care about looks, or how fat your wallet is. Flirting is about your charm, your charisma, self-esteem, how you present yourself, how you are feeling about yourself and others around you. Flirting is all about what makes you, YOU. Flirting is fun. Find out who you really are and start having fun.

Before flirting, you need to do some quality flirting with yourself first. Who would what to flirt back with you if you don't even want to flirt with you? What I mean by flirting with yourself is to find out the real you... What you really like and dislike, what are your hobbies, things you can talk about with the other person, things you might have in common, what is going to attract people to you and what is going to make them like you. People have to like you. You have to be likeable.

When you go out on your first date... NEVER go to the movies, because at a movie what do you do? You sit there and not talk. Go to a place where you can socialize, mini golf, a bar, a lounge, hiking, whatever. Some place physical. A place where you can look and touch things and talk about what you see and feel. And, if you insist on going to dinner... never just go to a "dinner" make sure you go to a social event first.

Don't be afraid that he/she might not like you. Because you asked him/her out and he/she could have said NO... But he/she said YES, so the hard part is done. It's up to you not to mess things up. While at a "social" event "put downs" and a little bit of "smack talking" [flirting] isn't bad. For example, mini golf... If he/she sucks... TELL THEM THEY SUCK and laugh about it. Be sarcastic. Sarcasm is a wonderful way of flirting. This is where personality and charm comes into play. Once you two are having a fun time you have to take that moment and run with it. Also, hitting each other isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's more like a "flirt" tap =D hintNothing is more awkward than being at a social event and not being social. So be social!!*

Nothing is more attractive to women or men then making them laugh. Laughing is natures best medicine. Laughing makes people feel better and comfortable. Be animated, make faces, funny noises, don't get carried away though. You might attract the wrong attention and you may embarrass the other person. Keep the animation between you two not everyone else around you. You want the other person to remember this day/night, and that they had a wonderful time with you not a horrible disaster.

At the end of the day when you drive him/her home make sure you tell the other person what a great time you had and that you would love to do it again sometime. The other person of course would say "I had a great time also. I would love to do it again" Before he/she leaves the car make sure you lean in for a hug. I don't care if you are on the other side of the car. Extend your hand and lean in for the HUG. Don't be shy. A hug might not seem like much, but it opens the doors to possibly a kiss and eventually his or her heart.

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Things You Will Need

  • confidance
  • parfume
  • cologne
  • a shower
  • fun


  • Dress appropriate for the occasion.
  • Make sure you smell good.
  • Cologne; Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani
  • Always be positive and smile

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