How to Flirt With a Girl on Myspace

The beauty of social networking Web sites like MySpace is the fact that you can flirt with girls from miles away. You can build a relationship with a girl even if she lives in another state. Follow these steps to learn how to flirt with a girl on MySpace.

Log onto MySpace by entering your username and password.

Find the girl's profile either by searching for her or by clicking her name on your friends list.

Click on the "Send Message" link under her picture in her profile. The message writing screen will appear.

Write her a cute, but not creepy, message. Shy away from overt sexual references. Instead, write something lighthearted.

Click the "Send" button when you are happy with your message. Now just wait for her response.

Toward the bottom of her profile you will notice the comment area. Click on the "Add Comment" link located above the comments, but below the header. This will take you to the comment screen.

Write a comment. Try to think of things that are witty and will make you sound more attractive to the girl as a potential suitor.

Click the "Post a Comment" button when you are happy with your comment.

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Things You Will Need

  • Internet access
  • A computer


  • When writing a message to a girl, think of things to say that are humorous. Almost every girl says that one of the things she looks for in a man is a sense of humor.
  • Do not give out your personal information when writing a comment. Everyone who checks her page will be able to see your information.


  • Do not write things that are overly sexual in nature. You want to seem sweet and flirtatious, not creepy.

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