How to Flirt With a Girl One Rarely Sees

Flirting with a girl you rarely see presents a challenge that you can solve with creativity, a flair for romance and old-fashioned sincerity. Consistency is the key if you want to make an impression.

Make sure you have a way to get hold of her online. Find out what program she uses for instant messaging. Many email programs have instant messaging, so you can see if your love interest is online without opening a special program.

Send her IMs at least twice a week. Avoid the urge to contact her every time you see she's online. You want to flirt to show you're interested, but not to the point that you appear desperate or that you don't have other options.

Get her phone number once it's apparent she's comfortable with you and your long-distance flirtation. This could be instantaneous or take some time. Text her funny messages and let her know you're thinking of her.

Send a creative gift. iTunes allows you to send songs as a gift attached to an email, and other options let you send virtual flowers effortlessly. Discover what she's into and send her something small. Remember, she's not your girlfriend yet. Small gestures are good, as big gifts can be overwhelming.

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  • Avoid using graphic sexual language, especially over text, email and IM. The communications could be used in a legal action against you, plus the send the message that you're only interested in sex, rather than a relationship.

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