How to Flirt With a Girl on Text

Flirt With a Girl on TextFlirt With a Girl on Text

Flirtatious text messages are a luxury that our generation is just beginning to enjoy and explore. Your particular flirtatious texts must be based on your particular relationship, but some general strategies will help take your text game to the next level. Follow the guidelines below, changing or omitting as you need, and you will be well on your way to becoming a master cyber-flirt.

Send her little surprise texts at first, implying that you are thinking about her in some capacity. It's nice to start a theme at this point, signing off the same way every time or including the same emoticon. This will establish your text personality.

Get into playful arguments while texting. Stretch discussions across dozens, if not hundreds, of text messages. This will get her engaged, and if your responses are witty and playful enough, she will be a ball of giggles.

Control the tempo of the texting. Ask her questions, but don't answer every question she asks you. Don't respond to certain texts, especially silly or boring ones.

Use emoticons and text manipulation to spice up the texting. :), :(, and a host of other shapes and faces can be crafted in the text window. Capitalize when you want to emphasize something you are saying. Make your texts look distinct.

Above all, have fun and never stop being playful. Flirting never goes out of style, so let those fingers fly and melt some hearts.

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Things You Will Need

  • Cell phone
  • Girl's cell phone number


  • Control the tempo. Change your text output based upon the level of response you are getting from her. If she seems interested in you, click the number up a tick. Conversely, if she does not seem to be reacting to your texts the way you want her to, ease off a little bit to pique her curiosity. Girls love to flirt with text messages, but every girl is different.


  • Never harass or intimidate a girl with text messages, and never pressure her improperly.

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