How to Flirt With a Guy From a Distance

Show him that you're interested without coming on too strong.Show him that you're interested without coming on too strong.

When you want to attract a certain guy, give him subtle hints that you are interested. According to Michelle Lia Lewis and Andrew Bryant, authors of "Flirting 101: How to Charm Your Way to Love, Friendship, and Success," you can raise another person's self-esteem by flirting with him. If you're shy, you can flirt from a distance. Instead of using words to let a guy know how you feel, you can use your eyes and body language to let him know you are interested. Once he notices that you are interested, he may approach and talk to you.

Step 1

Open your posture. If you sit with your arms crossed and legs pressed together, he won't see you as inviting. Relax your arms and legs, and point your body toward him. All of these everyday behaviors indicate interest and attraction. You're likely to stand out when you make an effort to use body language that sends a flirting signal.

Step 2

Look into his eyes. At first, slyly glance his way every couple of minutes. Once he notices you looking at him, don't take your gaze off him. He will realize that you're taking a genuine interest in him. Eye contact is a major form of communication and it is a powerful tool in demonstrating attraction.

Step 3

Pay attention to your facial expressions. When you make eye contact, you don't want your eyebrows to be furrowed or angry-looking. These types of expressions may give him the wrong impression. Instead, raise your eyebrows a little more than normal so you look approachable.

Step 4

Smile. If simple eye contact doesn't make him realize that you are attracted to him, a friendly smile will do the job. A smile will let him know that you are a warm and approachable person. Smiles make you look welcoming and receptive to communication. If he catches you smiling at him, he's much more likely to strike up a conversation than if your face is blank.

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  • Your flirty body language is more likely to have an effect when you're alone. If you're with friends, guys may be less likely to talk to you due to pressure, nerves or even the fear of your friends judging him.
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