How to Flirt & Get a Guy to Like You

There are a number of ways that girls can get the attention of the guy they are interested in and then get him to be interested right back. These are time-tested tricks that women have engaged in for centuries in order to get a guy's attention and to make him think it was his idea to be interested. Here are guidelines.

Take care of the way you look. Before engaging in flirting, make sure your hair is fixed and that you are clean and presentable. Guys will not be as receptive to someone who looks dirty or has messy hair and makeup.

Catch his eye. The first stage is simply to get the guy to notice you. This can be done with the classic dropped item move. Drop something small near the guy and then bend over gracefully to pick it up. You might also do it by flipping your hair several times. Whatever you do, it should be a big motion that catches the eye but looks natural. Waving your arms or jumping around is not flirting. You are simply trying to get the eyes on you at this stage.

Look him in the eye. Once you’ve gotten him to look at you, look back. This lets the guy know that you’ve noticed him too. You should look again in a few moments and again to try to make eye contact repeatedly. This lets him know that it wasn’t just a coincidence that you were looking at each other.

Smile. Look like you are happy, which shows you have a good personality. Trying to give a sultry, serious look will not make you approachable at this stage. You want to appear easy to talk to and friendly.

Touch his hand or shoulder. When you are talking, make small physical gestures that bring you closer. Touch his hand when you ask him a question or put your hand on his shoulder when you connect during a conversation.

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