How to Flirt with Her

Flirting is always fun :)Flirting is always fun :)

Have you ever been sitting in class, dazing off to absolutely nothing, while the cutie from four desks away can't keep her eyes off of you? Have you ever been at work in your cubicle pounding out the days numbers when your hot co-worker just happens to be glaring at you from her own desk? Here are the tools to guide you to success with women and your flirting endeavors. It's all you.

The book isn't as interesting as you. :)

Keep in mind, that if you think a girl is looking at you, make eye contact with her, and I repeat, don't wave. She could be looking at the guy behind you, and waving at a girl while looking at another love interest will surely be a dent in your pride.

If she smiles, smile back. Now pay attention, keep your smile a friendly, yet not overly sexual or overly creepy (no smirking boys). If she gets up and comes to you, you've found yourself a keeper, your work won't be too difficult because she is surely interested enough to come talk to you.

If she does the usual "come-hither" motion and attempts to get you out of where you are, keep in mind that the way you walk, the way you look at her, and the way you act while walking to her, she is all observing. The spotlight is directly on you, don't mess up and trip. If you trip, you have a 50% chance of her giggling and finding it cute, or running away because you can't walk in a straight line.

Love letters, oh puppy love.


Now, let it flow. No rehearsal here, unless you managed to quickly think of your opening line whilst walking over to her, hoping not to trip and fall on your face.

Start with casual talking, yet always introduce yourself. She should do the same, and if she doesn't give her name after you introducing yours, you either have yourself a girl who isn't so interested, or a girl who is very shy and isn't used to talking with a guy. If you get the feeling that your girl is the first, put on your flight gear and head out ASAP. But if you have yourself a shy one, this could work to your advantage.

Lets put it simple, girls love to talk. The best way to flirt is to keep eye contact with her, and talk to her about things that make her want to talk. Keep an eye out for her body language, if she can't take her eyes off of you then you're in. If she looks down every time you look up or looks away and seems disinterested in your conversation, you've just failed. Pick up, pack your bags, and try on another suspecting girl.

If you've managed to keep her attention for a good amount of time, you can end the situation with a casual phone number and follow up, or if your feeling ballsy (and a little hungry) you can offer her a cup of coffee or maybe a lunch. Keep the dinner date if your really feeling ballsy, but at a later date.

There you go, the approach is always on you.

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Things You Will Need

  • A good self-confidence
  • A brain
  • A mouth
  • A voice
  • Good body-odor


  • Keep a good body odor and breath, you don't want the girl of your dreams to be turned away by that Malboro you just had.
  • Always smile after she smiles, unless you feel as though she's really just staring at you.
  • Walk with confidence in your step, no slouching!
  • Keep in mind that her interest from afar is simply in your looks and confidence (unless she knows you somehow), it is up to you to keep her interested in your personality.


  • Do not offend her with lame small talk, no comments on the Pope, the President, or Penguins (incase she's an animal lover).
  • Do not ask for her number more than once, it shows desperation.
  • Do not leave asking for her number, it shows desperation once again, but casually ask for it to show interest in the midst of conversation, then finish with a good ending talk. This shows her that her phone number isn't your last resort, and that it wasn't the main aim you were trying to get by talking to her.

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