How to Flirt With Hot Women

Hot women like men who take an interest.Hot women like men who take an interest.

Making a connection with an attractive woman can be intimidating, especially if you think the woman is "out of your league." But using the appropriate techniques to make a good impression can lead to a positive outcome, no matter how hot you think the woman is. After all, many women--even the hot ones--will be receptive to a confident, pleasant man who makes an effort.

Make eye contact. When you see a lady you find attractive, catch her gaze and hold it for a few moments. If she returns the gaze, then it's an indication she might be interested, or at least willing to find out. Eye contact, and even a smile, can be a kind of flirtatious body language.

Introduce yourself. If you're in a social environment, offer to buy her a drink. Speak clearly. Smiling will inject warmth into your voice and maintaining eye contact will project confidence. Remember her name and use it often throughout the conversation to show you're paying attention.

Show interest. You find her physically beautiful, but she will want to know you're interested in her as a person. Ask questions and respond to the information she gives you. Pick safe subjects, such as her career, hobbies and family. Don't ask about her relationships and other overly personal subjects.

Talk about yourself. Don't force her to fill the entire conversation with details about her life. You're interested in her, but she's talking to you--which means she's interested in finding about you, too. Keep the conversation light and easy and discuss subjects she can relate to. Don't spend long minutes describing your complicated job, but do tell her what you like about it. A person's career says a lot about him.

Compliment her. Make her feel good about herself. A woman who feels desirable on both a physical and intellectual level will be more receptive to flirtation. Compliment her outfit or hair, and praise any personal achievements or talents she tells you about.

Flirt confidently but with appropriate limits. You want her to know you find her attractive and you're interested in getting to know her beyond the introductory conversation, but you don't want to overwhelm her with your advances or make her feel threatened. Keep flirtatious behavior to relaxed banter and occasional gestures, such as light touches and moving into her personal space.

Ask to see her again. An interested woman might give you her phone number, but some are not comfortable handing out personal contact details to people they just met. Suggest a neutral, public place to meet up for a date, somewhere that involves a shared interest, and make sure she knows you will definitely be there. Some women won't risk being stood up.

Part on a high note. Tell her you enjoyed your conversation, and you look forward to seeing her again. A kiss on the cheek or the back of the hand would not be inappropriate at this stage.

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  • Keep your cool! You might be nervous and struggling for confidence, but try not to show it. Stop thinking about how hot she is and instead focus on what she says. Most women prefer a good conversationalist rather than a man stumbling over his words because he can't believe he's talking to someone so attractive.


  • If she's with friends, don't monopolize her time. Introduce yourself and demonstrate your interest in a brief conversation, but allow her to enjoy the evening she planned. If she likes you, chances are she'll come back to talk to you again at a later time.

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