How to Flirt Intelligently

Listen with a warm facial expression to indicate interest.Listen with a warm facial expression to indicate interest.

Intelligent flirting can aid in winning dates with smart, powerful individuals. According to the Social Issues Research Center, initial impressions are only 7 percent affected by the content of speech, with body language and speaking style playing a more significant role on the outcome of the interaction. In addition to maintaining an attractive, well-groomed appearance, it is essential to project an interested, engaged demeanor. Intelligent flirts will strive to become well-versed in non-verbal communication styles, including body language, the importance of tone and indicating active listening.

Step 1

Become well-versed in the science of body language. Displaying an open and interested posture when speaking to a potential love interest will project a much warmer attitude than crossed arms or legs. Make direct eye contact and initiate incidental physical contact, such as a light touch on the arm. Subtly mirroring the body language of the other party can support the concept of being in-sync with them.

Step 2

Moderate tone and pace of speech to indicate an interest in the other individual. Speaking quickly and in a monotone voice can indicate boredom or a desire to end the conversation. Avoid talking too fast as this can also portray nervousness. Carefully monitor inflection to avoid giving the wrong impression; always raise the inflection at the end of a question. Speak slowly, clearly and in a warm, interested tone to keep the attention of the other individual.

Step 3

Practice active listening to maintain a promising conversation. Consciously display a warm, interested facial expression while the other individual is speaking. Listen carefully and ask questions in regards to their statement to indicate an interest and prove the active listening. Engaging fully in conversation can paint a portrait of intelligence and provide topics to maintain the conversation.

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