How to Flirt Like a Southern Lady and be Irresistible

Become irresistible Southern style.Become irresistible Southern style.

Flirting is the same as being disarmingly charming to a Southern lady. A Southern lady is raised to be ravishingly feminine, genuinely charming and oh so nice. That mixture of attitudes and attributes makes her the kind of woman many men are so easily attracted to and simply cannot resist. It's second nature for her to shower everyone with warm smiles, kindness, respect, and friendly consideration. She makes people feel good about themselves, which makes her irresistible to all. Learning the art of flirting Southern style can be both fun and practical.

A Southern lady flirts by flaunting her femininity. She takes extreme pride in her appearance. Dresses, skirts and high heels, flowing hair, mascara and lipstick. Her hair, clothes and colors always accentuate her, creating the best possible impression. She knows a man simply cannot resist a feminine woman.

A Southern lady can bat her eye lashes, smile demurely, strut in her high heels while being the perfect hostess to one hundred guests. Her confidence is part of what makes her irresistible, she can do it all and still appear unruffled.

A Southern lady's charm is the key to her being irresistible. She flirts with everyone, engaging people with her warmth and smile, making everyone feel welcome. She is always thoughtful of others feelings and extremely friendly. Never jealous, she's quick to admire and compliment other women. She is just as gracious at the office as she is at home.

A Southern lady becomes irresistible and gets what she wants by being self-assured, charming and having a positive attitude of perseverance and patience.

Flirting, for a Southern Lady, is an art form she perfects. She pays attention to others, which ultimately draws their attention to her. She is an avid listener, and attentive to details of others lives. She engages whoever she is with.

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