How to Flirt With Your Manager

A large percentage of married couples and dating couples found each other at work. While dating co-workers is very common, dating your manager doesn't happen quite as often. Flirting with a manager, however, happens a lot. Making the decision to flirt with your manager can accomplish several tasks: Move you up the corporate ladder, get you a date, get you a raise, or get you fired. Whether you have an ulterior motive when you flirt with your manager, or not, there is a right and a wrong way to do it. Here you can learn how to flirt with your boss, while still getting what you want.

Dress for the Role

Wear sexy clothes. Sexy does not mean trampy. Don't get yourself fired by wearing something inappropriate. Sexy clothing means something that flatters your figure and leaves room for the imagination. Wear something low-cut, but not too low cut. Wear a skirt that hugs your rear without being too tight.

Make eye contact. When your boss speaks to you, gaze into his eyes. Even if you are genuinely not interested, look like you are. People are attracted to others that make them feel interesting and engaging. Make your manager feel engaging every opportunity you can.

Smile and laugh a lot. Preferably, smile when you make eye contact. This helps create a connection between the two of you. Smiling also improves your appearance. A person who smiles looks more attractive than someone who frowns.

Tease your manager. Choose something funny he has said in the past, something cute he has worn, or something on his desk to tease him about. There is a fine line here. Make sure the teasing is in good fun. This will be your personal joke with him. It will bring you closer.

Touch his arm when you ask a question or when you laugh at his jokes. With your fingertips, lightly graze his arm. Men like to be touched by women, no matter what the reason. Make sure your touches are appropriate for the work environment, and you will drive him crazy.

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Things You Will Need

  • Appropriate, sexy clothes
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