How to Flirt Online

Online dating used to be a shameful thing. People looked down on those that met their partners online and it seemed as if only geeks used the Internet to find a date. Now that the internet is so popular, it's not just for nerds anymore. Many people flirt online. There are many ways to do it. Read on to learn how.

Flirt in virtual communities such as Second Life. In Second Life, you can create an avatar to go on virtual dates and even find a virtual spouse. Second Life is a great place to flirt online and meet new people.

Look for people to flirt with on MySpace. On MySpace, you can search for people in your area and send them a friend request if you're interested. MySpace also has private messaging where you can send her a flirtatious message, letting her know what you think about her.

Chat with people in a chat room. Look for chat rooms that interest you and flirt online with other people that share your passion.

Have fun with people you already know on Windows Live Messenger. If you have your eye on someone who's on your buddy list, blow him a kiss using the wink feature. Change your display picture to something sexy and maybe you can catch his eye.

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  • Be careful when flirting online. Don't let things go too far, and never send someone nude pictures. They could come back to haunt you.

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