How to Flirt Physically

Flirting is making sexual or romantic gestures at another person that you are interested in. Flirting is a good way to find out if the other person is interested in you based on their response. When we physically flirt with someone, we use our body language, gestures and touch to flirt with them.

Enter her personal space. Everyone has a certain amount of space around their body that typically people we are not intimate with do not enter. Try moving a little closer to the girl that caught your eye and watch how she responds. An interested girl allows you into her space while an uninterested one backs up.

Let your hand accidentally touch his hand when you pass something to him. Allow your hand to linger on his for a few seconds and look into his eyes while you are doing this.

Touch her arm when you tell a joke or while you are talking to her. Again, allow your hand to stay on her arm for a minute or two before removing it.

Come up from behind and give him a surprise hug when you greet him. Making contact physically, in the form of a hug, is a great way to flirt.

Rest your head on her shoulder and tell her you are tired. An interested girl strokes your hair when you do this or lays her head on top of yours.

Give him a hug good bye when you are leaving. Squeeze a little bit and hold on for a minute before letting go. A quick kiss on the cheek is a nice addition to a physical flirt.


  • Be sure to watch the response of the person you are flirting with. If your flirting is not welcome, then it is considered harassment. If her body language or words tell you to cut it out, be sure to stop physically flirting immediately.

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