How to Flirt With Someone

Flirt With SomeoneFlirt With Someone

Flirting is a fun and natural way to express your attraction to someone. It is easy to do and you don't have to be a rocket-scientist to do it. Flirting varies from person to person, but it involves some of the same characteristics. Sometimes, people flirt, without being aware that they are flirting. If you are somewhat shy, flirting can be your way of letting a person know that you are interested in them.

If you are going out, dress in a flirty way. Wear something sexy. If you are guy, dress in a way that fits your personality. You want to show confidence.

Smile. Smiling let's people know you are in a good mood.

Interact. Nothing says flirting by interacting. Mingle and scout the person you are attracted to. Once you see someone you are attracted to go up to them and try and make small talk.

Use your body language. Leaning in towards a person or positioning your body towards a person shows you are interested in what they are doing or saying. Women you can bat your eyes and men you can stroke a woman's face.

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  • Have fun with flirting.
  • Only flirt with people you are interested in.
  • Pay attention to someone's signals


  • You can overdue it.

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