How to Flirt with your spouse on Facebook

Whether you're looking for love or looking to enrich an already healthy marital relationship, you can flirt on facebook and keep that flame burning. Can Facebook save your marriage? Perhaps.

Set your FaceBook status to "looking forward to a nice, long night" or "Last night was amazing" depending upon when your schedule. Publicly proclaiming a fantastic encounter can be arousing.

Use the comment field to make a note on your loved one's status, too. This public dialogue should only be suggestive, enough so that readers wonder if you're flirting. The idea isn't to shamelessly throw yourself at them, the idea is for them to wonder, and then hope that you want them .

Use the games on Facebook, like Farmville, to flirt. Farmville lets you leave notes on other people's farms. If your lover plays Farmville, you can leave them an erotic farm-themed note, like "Come plant seeds in my garden" or "Meet me in the barn."

Use the Facebook chat feature anywhere, no one can hear you talk dirty if you're typing. If you have children or co-workers who would dampen the mood, they'll never know.

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  • Don't flirt with someone on Facebook if they're not flirting back. That's called stalking.
  • Don't post erotic photos of yourself on your status report or in your albums, they can be viewed by your other friends, too.
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