How to Flirt for Success

Flirting is a great way for you to meet other people with whom you can potentially have a romantic
Flirt for SuccessFlirt for Success
ehow. com/relationships-and-family/">relationship with. When you flirt, you open doors to meeting someone you don't know like in a party or at a dance. Flirting allows you to meet someone whom you might not see again, especially if you are total strangers with each other. If done properly, flirting can lead to exchanging phone numbers and perhaps meeting that someone for the second time around on a date. Below are some pointers you should keep in mind to make flirting a successful art for you.

  1. Don't expect too much. Flirting is a fun way to meet people, but don't take everything seriously. You might be flirting with a particular person for hours only to find out that you'll never talk to that person again. If you expect that every single person you flirt with will lead to a romantic and lasting relationship that could probably end up with the two of you being together forever, then you're doing it wrong. You'll only disappoint yourself and may even come across as desperate to others.
  1. Look pleasant. When you exude the aura that you are fun and confident, people will naturally gravitate towards you and will approach you in the process. You can use different body signals to give others the impression that you are interesting and you are interested in meeting someone new.
  1. Read other people's body language. Before you approach someone, check out his or her body language and read if he or she seems interested in flirting as well. Also be on the lookout for other body signals that he or she is interested in you.
  1. Use eye contact to your advantage. Don't stare at a person for a long time- it's rude and they might think they have dirt on their face or something. Make eye contact with someone for a short while, and then look away. When you look at that person again and he or she is looking at you, smile and start from there.
  1. Begin the conversation. At the beginning of your conversation, talk about general things like the location the two of you are in, the weather, or something else. You're not really after that person's response but rather, if he or she will respond at all since this means that they're interested in having a conversation with you.

Things You Will Need

  • Confidence
  • Patience


  • As you converse with the person you're flirting with, gradually exchange personal information in a reciprocal manner like your name, a phone number if you get to that point, and other personal information. Just make sure that before you give out more personal details about yourself, the person you're flirting with is also giving you their personal information. Also, pay special attention when he or she is speaking, as listening is a very important part in flirting. You will make the person feel very important and special when you give him or her your undivided attention when they speak.

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