How to Flirt by Texting

Text messaging is a quick and nearly effortless communication method. Depending on the speed of your thumbs, you can whip out a flirty text to the guy or girl you like within seconds. Proceed with caution because that speed can also work against you. Without the ability to hear the tone of voice, flirty text messages can easily be misinterpreted as rude or offensive, especially since males and females tend to have different communication styles. If executed correctly, you can test the flirting waters with sweet text messages.

Pick a time that is convenient for the person you want to flirt with. Don't text too late at night; besides being inconsiderate, he or she may get the idea that you're just bored or expect the discussion to lead to a physical encounter.

Think carefully about the vibe you want to portray in the text message before you begin typing. Text messages can lead to mixed signals, so decide if you want to flirt subtly or more outright.

Take your time and type out an opening line, such as simply asking her how he or she is doing or telling her she is on your mind. Save yourself from any text-related embarrassment by proofreading for any accidental misspellings and double checking you are sending it to the correct person.

Use correct spelling and punctuation. Misspellings can make you seem uneducated and may make your crush look down on you.

Wait for a response before sending another text. Do not send repeated text messages asking if she is there; if she doesn't answer, she may be busy, not have received the text or doesn't want to flirt back. Fortunately, rejection over text message can be easier to handle than face-to-face rejection.

Slow down and imagine your ideal conversation with your crush before replying. The beauty of texting is that you can "freeze time" and contemplate how you want to come off, rather than being put on the spot. Always take your time before sending a text.

Avoid one word text replies. It may seem you are uninterested, so wait until you think of something else to say before replying.

Quit while you're ahead and end the conversation on a good note. Don't wait until you've both ran out of things to text about or the conversation will end awkwardly.

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Things You Will Need

  • Cell phone


  • Some cell phones have a smaller amount of letters or words they can view, so avoid sending messages more than two short sentences long in case her phone won't display a longer message.


  • Avoid using sarcasm or dry humor over text message because it often comes across as cold or rude.
  • Don't disclose any intimate or personal details through text--they can easily get into the wrong hands.

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