How to Flirt Using Text Messages


Flirting by text message can be a more relaxed, less stressful way to start a conversation with someone. It can also lead to great relationships. Here's how to master the art.

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Start by deciding what to say, but be sure to test the waters before really going for it. Start by saying something somewhat neutral, but still hinting at flirting. Try "It was great to meet you Friday night, I hope I'll see you again." This statement makes it obvious that you are interested without being pushy to take her out to dinner.

If she writes something back on the same level, he/she's giving you the green light to flirt. If something happened where you met that was funny, bring it up again. "Next time we go out, I'll try not to beat you as bad in bowling. Haha." Add in the "haha" to make sure they know you are kidding and not just being rude.

Use plenty of cutesie smiley faces. Body language is, of course, lost in a text message, so try to portray your emotions with smiley faces. If she says she is unavailable for dinner on Friday but next weekend is perfect, playfully send back something like: "Booooo. :( But I am looking forward to next weekend. :)"

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Things You Will Need

  • cell phone with service
  • agile thumbs


  • Be sure to flirt over the phone, too. You don't want to get face-to-face and freeze out of nervousness. Consider the flirting text message a babystep to real communication, not the only means of communication.


  • Don't overdo it on text messages. The last thing a person wants is to get out of work and have to answer 83 text messages.

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