How to Become a Better Flirt

So you think you're a good flirt; but you still can't get a date. That could be a problem. The art of flirting is a talent lost on many people. The concept is simple. If you want that date or you want to get a second date, you have to be able to flirt. Even if you're shy, flirting can become second nature. Read on to learn how to do it better.

Exude confidence. There's nothing sexier than someone who is confident and happy with themselves. Confidence will trump physical appearance every time. After all, if a person walks with confidence, and they talk with confidence, then they must have something pretty important to offer.

Be aggressive. Wall flowers are unlikely to get dates if they avoid social interaction. You have to be willing to put yourself out there. Let your outgoing side shine. People will notice.

Show interest in the other person. You are interested in the other person, right? Well, then show it. Talking about yourself incessantly isn't going to accomplish this. Ask questions and be an active listener will.

Make use of body language. Body language could possibly be the best thing ever invented. The good part is that it's mostly natural. Lean in towards the person. It makes the interaction more intimate. Touch the person. No, not inappropriately. A simple touch on the hand or shoulder will get your point across.

Laugh and smile a lot. Letting the person know you find them funny and interesting is an automatic bonus.

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Things You Will Need

  • Confidence
  • An outgoing personality


  • Consider the importance of your self-image. If you have a poor self-image, chances are, people will view you the same way. If you want people to take notice you have to be happy with yourself and exude that confidence.


  • Avoid flirting when you're not interested in someone. You don't want to lead someone on and then have to let them down later.
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