How to Flirt and Win Him or Her Over

Flirting is a process where you let your natural instincts run free just to snag that right guy or girl. Though it can be easy to flirt, some people have to learn the basics and train their body on how to respond. If you hope to win someone over with your flirting skills you'll want to brush up on the basics first.

Use body language to hook that special someone. Get a little closer so that when either one of you moves, you brush against each other. Lean in whenever possible to let the person know you're interested.

Maintain eye contact. Eye contact is the most important part of flirting and one that people tend to get wrong. You want to lock your eyes on the other person's eyes every so often, but take the time to blink when needed.

Whisper your words instead of speaking as loud as possible, especially if you're in a crowded area. This makes the person lean forward without realizing it, and they may think they're more interested in you.

Look the part when you walk into the room by wearing comfortable clothing that fits your style and personality. Look for items that emphasize your best feature, without drawing too much attention to yourself.

Touch the person lightly on the arm or leg if you're trying to win over that special man or touch the small of the woman's back. These points are easy to reach, but will drive that special person wild.

Keep your personal hygiene up to par by taking regular showers, using deodorant and brushing your teeth every day. People are more attracted to those with good hygiene than to those who skip regular maintenance of their bodies.

Smile as often as possible. There's nothing sexier than someone with a good smile. If that person sees you smiling, it will show him or her that you're friendly and approachable.

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  • Ask your friends to let you know when you're being boring or unapproachable. This way you can change your attitude to attract the right person.


  • Don't continue to stare at the person without blinking. This can look creepy and make the other person think you're strange, not sexy.

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