How to Flirt with Younger Girls

Flirt with Younger GirlsFlirt with Younger Girls

Flirting is a fun way to signal your romantic interest in a member of the opposite sex. When it comes to younger girls, flirting is a little more tricky. Younger girls tend to be harder to read from a sexual/romantic standpoint. Therefore, tailoring your flirting skills to work on younger girls is of the utmost importance. Read on for details!

Step 1

Don't Try to Act Young

When flirting with younger girls, act your age! You are an older guy; one of your main advantages is increased maturity. Many younger girls are sexually aroused by and attracted to the maturity of an older guy. Flirt with your mind, your wisdom, and experience. Use your age to your advantage.

Step 2

Don't be a Show-Off

Flirting with younger girls should revolve around you putting your best SELF forward, not you trying to brag, boast, or show-off! Many older guys try to flirt with and impress younger girls by showing off their money, their cars, or their jewelry. Forget that immature stuff! Your substance as an older man should be your flirting currency.

Step 3

Don't Act Desperate

No matter how sexually attracted you are to a younger girl that you are flirting with, don't act desperate. As an older guy, you are expected to come across as more patient, nonchalant, and steady than a younger, less-experienced guy. Flirt with a calm, cool steadiness. Don't rush.

Step 4

Use Your Eyes

Eye contact is a great way to flirt with a younger girl and let her know that you are interested in her sexually and romantically. Using good, but not excessive, eye contact while flirting with a younger girl signals to her that you have confidence, maturity, and drive, all of the things that make many older guys attractive to younger women.

Step 5

Be Loose

Flirting with younger girls should be fun, laid back, and not taken too seriously. Whether a younger girl responds to your flirtations or not is not the end of the world. Don't act like your life or reputation is on the line each time you flirt with a younger girl. Just have fun!

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Things You Will Need

  • Effort
  • Realism
  • Confidence

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