Flirting Signs a Male and Female Give

Couples give subtle clues when they are flirting.Couples give subtle clues when they are flirting.

He seems interested in you, but you're not sure if he's flirting. He's fidgeting, fixing his tie and straightening out his shirt. It can be confusing trying to decipher his nonverbal clues to translate exactly what he's trying to communicate. Men and women give hints in their body language to indicate their interest in the person they are flirting with.

Adult Males

Men usually have some actions that they preform either consciously or unconsciously when they are interested in a woman. A man usually is the one to initiate touch when he is flirting; he may place his hand on the woman's arm for emphasis. He stands straighter, tightens his belly, hooks his thumbs in his belt loops and flexes his muscles. He raises his eyebrows, and his lips part when he is locking eyes with someone he is interested in. He might either mess up or smooth his hair. He often smooths out his clothing and fixes his tie. He might stroke his chin or beard. If he's sitting, a man who is flirting spreads his legs to expose his crotch.

Adult Females

A woman who wants to flirt with a man often is the first one to initiate contact by staring at him and decreasing the distance between them. She often tosses her hair or plays with her hair. A flirting woman may cross and uncross her legs if she is sitting, take off her shoe, play with her shoe or have her shoe sit on the edge of her toes. She might stroke her legs, open her legs or play with a cylindrical object. Flirting women often lick their lips. The woman is usually in control of the course of the interaction; she is the one who decides how quickly the physical relationship progresses.

Quasi-Courtship Behavior

There are situations that indicate the flirt might just be playing around and not really interested in having a relationship, just interested in flirting. Signs that indicate the flirt should not be taken seriously are looking around at other people in the area, speaking in a very loud voice and showing exaggerated behaviors. He might be using incorrect body orientation; his head is facing the woman, but his body is not. This body language indicates that he's not really interested.


Teenagers flirt the same way as adults do, but everything is more exaggerated. They often use teasing, hitting, pinching and taking the other person's food or personal objects as methods of getting the opposite sex's attention.

Rejecting Behavior

When a person is flirting, there is body language that should be considered when looking for clues of acceptance from the other person. If a person is not interested, he might stand with his arms folded, perhaps even forming fists. If he is standing with one arm down and the other arm grasping that arm, he is uninterested in the flirt. She might yawn, frown, sneer or look away. She won't make eye contact. If sitting, he might cross his legs and hold onto one leg. He might put his hands in his pockets, or he might do something to indicate disinterest, such as pick his teeth or look at his nails.

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